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Get to know our facilitators a little bit more

What’s your favourite physical feature and why? And how can you highlight this physical feature to boost your self-confidence?

One of my favourite physical features are my long hairy arms. My students giggle when I say this, but I proudly own my long hairy arms. They help me with reach, they keep me warm during winter and with all the scars that I have on both arms, they are unique to me. That’s why I love them.
To highlight my long hairy arms, I like to wear a lot of sleeveless tops or tops with fitted arms to accentuate my silhouette or I like to bangle stack. Drawing attention to my assets helps me feel good about myself.
I always use this example when I run my classes and although to my team it sounds like a broken record, I feel this really sets the tone of where we’re wanting to go with our conversations. We want to have real conversations about body image, and we want to change people’s mindset from being embarrassed of looking a certain way, to focussing on the fact that you have inherited those specific features from a loved one.
Have you heard of the quote ‘Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you’? I used to love this saying, until I delved deeper into building my inner self-confidence, then I realised they weren’t even flaws to begin with.

My smile has to be one of my most favourite physical features.
You will usually see me with a bright coloured lipstick on my lips, where my smile lives. I like to bring attention and highlight this area because I love smiling.
I can’t help but smile, even on the tough days there is always something to smile about.
Sometimes when I am out and about I will smile at people on the road and 9/10 times I will get a smile in return.
When I smile, it makes me feel beautiful and I love to share that beauty with others.
Gift your smile to someone today! It is so needed xx

My favourite physical feature are my thick thighs. Since I do a lot of CrossFit and weightlifting it has uniquely shaped my thighs to be the thick and strong thighs they are today. They are my favourite physical feature because they tell a story of my journey of life and because they’re mine.
I can accentuate my thick thighs by rocking my high waist shorts!

My Motto – Thick thighs save lives

My favourite physical feature are my eyebrows because they’re thick and dark naturally, so I never have to worry about filling them in. When I was younger, skinny, thin, well-groomed eyebrows were what was popular at the time, whereas nowadays thicker, bushier, more natural eyebrows are the trend. I didn’t particularly like my brows growing up but as I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve learnt to love them. They’re great because they help to show emotion without having to say anything.
If I wanted to accentuate my brows, I would use eye makeup or I would wear glasses to draw attention to that part of my face.