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I am so glad we were still able to run our Mana Dressed in Confidence workshops for our second intake of students on our ultimate fashion programme supported by the Ministry of Social Development. Like everyone else, we were in shock when we heard we were going straight into Level 4 Lockdown as of 11:59pm Tuesday 17th August 2021. Thankfully seeing as we have run our Dressed in Confidence workshops digitally before, we were prepared both mentally and physically. I’m not going to lie; it did take a bit of time to familiarise ourselves with the gist of running our digital workshops as it has been a while since we were in lockdown. 

We had heaps of fun talking about wellness, doing fun interactive activities and talking about our own personal styles.

We’re looking forward to our follow up programme with our second group of our Mana Dressed in Confidence students. 

Shout out to Duffy Books and MAKKE by Maggie Anitelea for our cool spot prizes.

– Kirin Swann