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Mana Dressed In Confidence – Wellington Vibes

Last month we hopped on a plane and made our way down to the recently named “coolest little capital” by the lonely planet, Wellington. Surrounded by the smell of coffee, food, nature and fuelled by creative energy, Wellington is a treat for us all.Our Dressed in Confidence team were ready and excited to run our Mana DIC workshop at the Ministry of Youth for the next 3 days.Location: The Terrace – It was time to meet Cameron and his team of fabulous interns.Day 1 is all about Wellbeing and is always full of positive energy as we get to learn more about our clients. We like to create a safe place for people to share about themselves, their values and listen to what they think about different topics.In this workshop be ready to expect joy, tears, vulnerability, courage, encouragement, faith, and lots of warm fuzzies and laughter. That is our normal. We do not take this for granted and count it a huge privilege and honour to be in the room.Day 2 is a lot of productive movement as the interns get to glean off our amazing personal stylist Nora Swann. Lots of teaching about personal and professional style. How to wear 1 piece 5 different ways, what is appropriate to wear to job interviews and learning about what a sustainable wardrobe is. There is also a playtime to practise styling with different fashion items – which is always a highlight.Walk with Confidence – this workshop is upbeat and powerful. The class learned how to walk with confidence to a song that they all agreed on as a class. From posing, to strutting to breathing & being comfortable in the uncomfortable. This is a session not to be missed and is usually led by one of our Swann Models.If it couldn’t get any cooler, they also received a personal colour consultation and then are given their own colour chart filled with the colours that look the best on them.This now brings us to Day 3 – Shopping! We made our way to the Save Mart in Porirua – colour chart in hand to help them find and purchase some new pieces for that job interview. We love to see our clients shop using the tools they were given during the week and whilst shopping doing the thrift shop challenge as well.After 2 hours of thrifting, back to the office for their professional photo shoot and graduation. It’s time to see what they picked up in the Walk with Confidence workshop and see it put into action as they pose for their photos.All in all – we had a fantastical time with our interns in Wellington. We are cheering them on as they navigate through family, life, and work.A huge thank you to Cameron for all the behind the scenes work and all your hard work for this collaboration to be possible. We feel so blessed to have crossed paths with you all.We hope that every person that walks in to DIC will walk out feeling a little bit more confident than before.Much love to you all from our DIC team