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Pamela (Programme Manager) – My Dressed in Confidence Journey

Confidence is an attribute we all need and may be congenital to some. But as for me, I find that my confidence needs fostering daily.

What hinders confidence for me? I am reminded of my teenage years when the negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and discontentment developed.

In high school, I can vividly remember hiding in the toilets during lunchtime when I could not find my friends. I was too embarrassed to be seen alone, that I’d rather hide. Confidence begins in the mind. I believe that our thoughts have the power to change the trajectory of our lives. And I know that when I feel inadequate, I have the power to change those thoughts.

What I love about my job is that I have been given this awesome opportunity to draw gold out from people. We help them celebrate their uniqueness and what makes them special. I get to speak words of encouragement over people. I get to listen to their life stories and hear about their strengths and interests.

This is only a snippet of what I love about my job, more to share later on. 

This programme celebrates diversity and is a great place to learn. Every client has a different view of life and I love hearing it. One of my favourite questions to ask is “what is your definition of beauty?” The range of answers that I have heard have been inspiring and transformative to my own confidence journey too.

Beauty to me is less about what you look like on the outside but more about how you live life from the inside. Dressing in confidence is exactly that, an inside out transformation.