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Women and Wealth

In the Heart of the City, Lighthouse Financial Services Auckland hosted the Women and Wealth event. People from Auckland attended the evening event to talanoa about the use of money and how women can feel empowered to secure their future finances. Women and Wealth was also a charity event in which Lighthouse Financial Services Auckland chose Dressed in Confidence as a charity to support. Upon arrival, attendees graciously donated their preloved clothes to Dressed in Confidence which will go towards our MANA DIC programme, funded by the Ministry of Social Development.

Youth facilitator Kirin Swann spoke on behalf of Dressed in Confidence facilitating one of our activities we teach in our Dressed in Confidence workshops. The audience were asked to retrieve their phones, open their camera and switch to selfie-mode. Some were huddling together for selfies, a quick mirror check and some were making funny faces. We heard some great answers and some lucky winners managed to win some DIC merchandise.

Along with Kirin’s presentation, there were interactive energiser exercises, speeches from the Lighthouse Financial Services Auckland team, a wine tasting segment and networking. It was an amazing event and we are very thankful for Elle Wuthrich and her team from Lighthouse Financial for this opportunity.

Kirin Swann