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Dressed in Confidence is a wellness programme that takes you on a journey of self-discovery and confidence-building. You are encouraged to embrace your uniqueness with the focus on highlighting your physical assets in order to grow self-love. You will find your Personal Style and experiment with fashion which will leave you feeling comfortable in your own skin.



Dressed in Confidence

8-18 yrs in schools 5-10 hour programme
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Building Confidence and self value

Dressed in Confidence Aims to:

  • Enable people to be work ready by teaching them practical skills to dress confidently and appropriately in their workplaces.

  • Assist individuals in realising self-love through embracing and celebrating who they are as individuals as well as being part of a family/aiga/whanau.


  • Develop necessary skill sets (public speaking, social, budgeting, personal grooming, confidence) that will assist with the transition into employment.


  • Creative positive self-confidence when starting employment through exercises that teach positive body image.


  • Aide in the strengthening of relationships between family members which reinforces mutual respect and teaches children about interacting with others.

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    confidence makes a difference

    Why focus on confidence?

    Have you ever met someone that was shy and awkward? Well for a lot of us, we are that person. Confidence makes a huge difference. It allows you to walk into a space with people you don't know and be your true authentic self. It also can make the difference when looking for a job, interviewing for a school and for life in general. Confidence is overcoming the fear that you are not enough - at Dressed in Confidence, we work with you to replace that lie.


    Proof of Confidence

    Over the last couple of months we've been making an impact through our programmes for both school students and beneficiaries. Here's a few testimonials from a handful of our very happy and confident programme attendee's and fellow facilitators.

    My understanding of beauty is that it is not just what we look like on the outside, but who we are and who we can be on the inside as well. You can see beauty when we feel true happiness...that’s when the light from inside us shines and radiates our beauty and uniqueness.
    Year 7 Student
    The mana you brought with you swept away everything yesterday, and for many of us will lead to rebuilding our idea of how it can be woven in our lives and be a tribute to our identity. That we can wear it proudly as our truest self rather than feel it’s a coercion of others to enforce their standards upon our freedom. A mouthful I know…but I really was giving the finger to the world's idea of beauty up to yesterday. I was surrounded by beautiful loving fifine and led to place through your informed way of teaching, which actually made me confront that I was losing out and it was time to take back the power. I look forward to what lies ahead. Fakaaue lahi mahaki for unleashing even more of our fifine power yesterday 😊!!!!
    DIC participant
    Out of all the workshops we’ve had, your programme was my favourite because you care about us. It’s not just about how we look physically; you’re helping us connect with our inner self
    DIC participant
    “...Nora was able to develop an instant rapport with our students and examine what made them unique and special so that this could be celebrated. The students identified positively with the key elements of the programme and enjoyed being actively involved each week. Nora has been an excellent role model for our students. She has been professional, empathetic and positive in successfully developing our student's personal abilities and skillsets in a very short time. It has been a very successful programme and Nora has been a pivotal role in this. We would highly recommend this programme and Nora to any other interested organisations….”
    Jason Swann
    Principal Otahuhu Primary School
    “The success of the program comes down to the fundamental ideas that Dressed in Confidence promotes and the way Nora delivers these ideas to our young ladies. Nora is kind, patient, understanding, fun and full of great ideas and strategies to help our young ladies. I have watched these young ladies develop in confidence, open up to their own uniqueness and embraced the beauty that is within them. I would highly recommend this program to all the schools I work in and any school that would like to give their young ladies the opportunity to learn about their own self-worth and how to navigate themselves as they transition into adolescence “
    Melenau Lino - SWiS
    Anglican Trust for Women and Children

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